IP Phone Systems
IP Communications Systems are an affordable telephony solution for small to mid-sized businesses and remote offices. EZ-Net offers solutions from both and Cisco Unified Communications UC series of products - Both are completely geared toward small business and are a Better Way to Control Communications!

Thousands of businesses have discovered there is a better way to handle their communications. There are many different names for this type of system: LAN Telephony, IP Telephony, and Voice over IP (VoIP), etc. If your company is looking at a telephony system upgrade or installation, you will be looking at this technology as it has become the industry standard. Compare vendor offerings. Do they offer a competitive advantage? Study the total costs over the life of the equipment, installation, service and expansion costs.

With a 3Com NBX/VCX or Cisco solution, your voice, data and video systems can be combined on a single Network infrastructure. You save the overhead of having two or three separate Networks, and you take advantage of many powerful new central management applications. The award-winning NBX® V3000, VCX Connect and Cisco UC 500 Series solutions deliver crystal-clear, hi quality voice communications. Each of which is ideal for Key System Replacement of the original NBX® 100. Both products bring 10/100/1000 Mbps performance to users worktops, and are radically simple to use. They deliver the benefits of Voice over IP (VoIP), and advanced voice messaging without the high costs and operational complexity of TDM, PBX or proprietary systems.